Wee Nudge: teach your clients about web design

Published: November 16, 2012

Wee Nudge provides a variety of links, sorted by categories, intended to help you teach your clients about web design.

Wee NudgeTrying to convince a client not to squeeze everything above the fold? Is your whitespace filling up fast? We’ve collected a variety of articles on some sticky web subjects that might just help you make your point. Send your client to one of our topic pages for a quick intro, some links and a wee nudge in the right direction.


Google Maps in the news

Published: November 8, 2012

Sandy: Crisis Response maps

Crisis Response maps feature preparedness information for Hurricane Sandy:


Improved terrain maps

Google Map now clearly shows terrain, color gradations to depict vegetation, and labels for natural land formations.

A better view of natural geography through the Maps API

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