Some of the topics that the instructor would like to include in this class, but alas, there just isn’t time …

Accessibility – make your web sites accessible browsers for the visually impaired and other audiences — see also 508 compliance

Audio editor programs, for recording and editing MP3’s and other types of audio files

Progressive enhancement — a set of techniques for working with JavaScript — you should know about Progressive enhancement if you are serious about working with JavaScript — has significance for Accessibility

CSS Box Model — the basis of CSS layout

E-Commerce — what is E-Commerce, how does it work, what options are available, how do I get started?

Domain names — how to register, renew, transfer, and otherwise manage domain names
— Using WHOIS

Web design for mobile devices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

XML — Extended Markup Language — see also RSS

Cookies – cookies and JavaScript, cookies and PHP, cookies and security