• Download WordPress files
  • Edit configuration file
  • Upload all files to server
  • Browse installation page, follow instructions
  • Installation complete

Download WordPress

  • Download WordPress — it’s free — get the latest version
  • http://wordpress.org/
  • Click the “Download” button
  • Download is .zip format
  • .zip file contains folder named “wordpress” containing all the files and subfolders
  • As needed, move the “wordpress” folder (and all contents) to some other folder on your computer, where you do your web site work

Create Database and Database User

  • WordPress requires a MySql database, and a user with full rights to the database
  • Web hosts commonly include MySql databases, and online tools for creating and managing databases
  • WordPress requires three pieces of database information:
    Database name, Database user name, Database user password

Edit configuration file

  • WordPress requires a configuration file named wp-config.php
  • WordPress contains a sample configuration file named wp-config-sample.php
    Find the sample file and save as wp-config.php
  • Edit three lines in wp-config.php —
  • Database name
  • Database user name
  • Database user password

Upload files

  • Upload all of the WordPress files and folders to server (web host)
  • Use any FTP program to upload files — FileZilla, Fetch, Dreamweaver (built-in FTP), etc.
  • FTP requires three (sometimes four) pieces of information:
    Host address (FTP address)
    FTP Username
    FTP Password
    [Host subfolder may also be required]

Browse the installation page

Using Your WordPress Site

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