About Design Notes

Design Notes are notes that you create for a file.  Design Notes are associated with the file they describe, but stored in a separate file. You can see which files have Design Notes attached in the expanded Files panel: A Design Notes icon appears in the Notes column.

You can use Design Notes to keep track of extra file information associated with your documents, such as image source-filenames and comments on file status. For example, if you copy a document from one site to another, you can add Design Notes for that document, with the comment that the original document is in the other site folder.

You can also use Design Notes to keep track of sensitive information that you can’t put inside a document for security reasons, such as notes on how a particular price or configuration was chosen, or what marketing factors influenced a design decision.

If you open a file in Adobe® Fireworks® or Flash, and export it to another format, Fireworks and Flash automatically save the name of the original source file in a Design Notes file. For example, if you open myhouse.png in Fireworks and export it to myhouse.gif, Fireworks creates a Design Notes file called myhouse.gif.mno. This Design Notes file contains the name of the original file, as an absolute file: URL. So, the Design Notes for myhouse.gif might contain the following line:


A similar Flash Design Note might contain the following line:

Note: To share Design Notes, users should define the same site-root path (for example, sites/assets/orig).

When you import the graphic into Dreamweaver, the Design Notes file is automatically copied into your site along with the graphic. When you select the image in Dreamweaver and choose to edit it using Fireworks, Fireworks opens the original file for editing.

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