Dreamweaver provides a set of behaviors which write JavaScript based on dialog boxes you fill out.

JavaScript itself does not use the word “behavior”.

Dreamweaver also provides a set of Spry components, which similarly write JavaScript (and HTML, and CSS) based on dialog boxes you fill out.

Behaviors and Spry are useful, but they are limited.

If you want to excel as a JavaScript developer, you must work with the JavaScript directly.

JavaScript in Code View

Use code view to work with JavaScript.

JavaScript in Design View

Design view is typically not useful for JavaScript development — you need code view to work with JavaScript code.

You may wish to edit the layout using design view, and sometimes it’s useful to see where the JavaScript is positioned with respect to the HTML.

Where script tags appear inside the body tag, Dreamweaver displays a symbol representing the script tag (if your Preferences have the Invisible Element script checked). Like this:

Dreamweaver design view symbol for JavaScript

For script tags inside the head tag, you can use View > Head Content to see icons representing the script tags:

Dreamweaver head content JavaScript symbol